My Projects

Welcome to my list of projects. There are two types of projects listed on here: older projects, and newer projects.

Older projects are available for archival purposes, but I do not maintain them anymore. You can look at how I used to do things. For website projects, these older projects usually are not using a responsive HTML5 design.

Newer projects are built on new Responsive HTML5 standards and look great no matter what device you use to view the page. This is how I code websites today.

Newer Projects

Williamsburg Area Transit Authority
This is my first modern responsive website project, where I built a website for Williamsburg Area Transit Authority.
Moon Observation Chart
This is my first foray into a fully immersive Responsive HTML5 journey using a template. The goal of the site was to create an observation chart of the Moon over the course of a couple of weeks.
This Portfolio
This portfolio showcases the absolute latest in my learnings of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP. It includes the latest in HTML5 Responsive standards, so no matter how you view my portfolio, you can see it properly.

Older Projects

My Original Portfolio
My portfolio of work was originally created using older HTML 4.0 technologies, and features a non-responsive layout.
Cordova County Department of Transportation
Cordova County Department of Transportation is my very first PHP-based website. I was "learning by doing" by creating a fictional public transit agency. Please note that the mobile version no longer works properly.
OpenTTD Installer
I am the original author of the installer for OpenTTD for Windows. While the installer changed a lot over the years, some of my code is still in use (an example being when you install a new version on top of an older version).
Specta Gardens
Specta Gardens was my first venture into creating and accessing a MySQL Database, as well as creating a CSS-based Image Map that properly degrades when using an older browser as well as being fully accessible to the visually impaired. Note that the mobile version has never worked. Also, the Retutn to Classwork Profile link no longer works either.

Old Projects

My older projects, kept here for archival reasons

New Projects

These are projects I'm working on now

Old Portfolio

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